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Challenging your perception.


Dear friends,

I’m glad to invite you to join an art exhibition encompassing my best artworks along with some breathtaking novelties. Come and enjoy a true face of modern art inspired by my unique techniques and color combinations.

The solo exhibition will take place on the 28th February and its program includes:
  1. Artwork presentation by Lior Fischer
  2. Networking with guests
  3. Entertaining with lotteries and gifts
  4. Buffet style lunch with good wine

Artworks combining a thrilling blend of colors, structures and techniques. A collection of my works is widely recognized around the world being highly appreciated in Hollywood, Los Angeles and New York. The masterpieces of my early path are inspired by a deep search of an own technique, while later works reflect a deep interest in human psychology. A strong effect that different colors pay to human conscious is a unique feature that drives my artworks and makes them stand alone. Every my masterpiece convinces you that colors express more than words.
As my exhibition includes lotteries, the winner will have an opportunity to choose a prize – mug or T-shirt. Looking forward to meeting you soon!


27-28th of February at 6pm (USA Time Zona)


New York, Baccarat Hotel & Residences.


Refill a dose of your own inspiration.

Exhibition is a kind of performance where a true face of art and author’s character can be seen. Therefore, I deeply understand all your needs and requirements to be met while you trust organization moments into someone’s hands. Just a glance at my experience in this field will make you sure we are on the same page. Let a team of professionals including designers, developers and others give breathe to your idea.

  • 7+ years of facilitating events

  • 300+ organized events

  • 10+ years of PR and marketing experience

  • 352+ contacts of TV broadcasting




Exhibitions that are scheduled regularly across the world. I’ve already performed a series of my artworks in Zurich, Geneva, Tel Aviv and Hollywood. These exhibitions serve as a great proof that the name of Lior Fischer is widely recognized across the world being associated with a new word in the modern art. Nowadays my mission is assistance to rising talents and event management on your demand all over the world.
You are welcome to look through.


Forwarding your success.

Branding Store

Our service also includes development own line of different products

Unique souvenirs that you are welcome to discover in my shop will satisfy your struggle for beautiful pieces. If you are looking for a truly unique thing to touch your heart, eye and soul, this is a right place. You may find pieces inspired with my design closer at hand purchasing a few things in the store.

About me

Lior Fischer. Because name matters.

Lior Fischer

Quoting a famous magazine “Gallery” on benefits of Lior Fisher’s management:

He is the CEO of the Fischer International Marketing & Consulting GmbH and the publisher and editor in chief of the Swiss critic magazine "Imscheinwerfer". He has more than 17 Years of experience in the art Industry and seven years in the event industry. His art altercates with the human experience. His artwork explores the psychological effect colors can have on the human mind and mood.

As far as the event industry is concerned, Fischer is currently working on a number of exciting festivals, trade fairs, openairs and international events with live broadcasting. Up to date with current events and in tune with the lifestyle of society. His art has been published in books & exhibited and performed internationally and is currently capturing the Art scene around the world with exhibitions, festivals and events. Lior Fischer was a prodigy, showing artistic ability at the age of four or five. The aptitude for drawing, painting and sculturing that Lior displayed so early distinguished him from other children. His ability to channel his imagination trough his art and varies other media was unique.

Art and innovation are affections that have not diminished ever since. At around eleven, he participated in an Art School. After several interactions with silk painting he developed a passion for it. Afterwards he decided to take part in a silk painting class, that school placed him in a course with adults because an older age group was more suiting. After participating in the art classes and learning different techniques and methods, he soon started to develop his own techniques and ways to paint.

Fischer, GALLERY.


Make the most of today.

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